Services Provided

Individual psychotherapy. Talk therapy is an effective treatment of mental health issues. When you talk with a psychologist, you learn about your moods, feelings, thoughts and behaviors so that you can better take charge of your life by responding to challenging situations with healthy coping skills. Consider psychotherapy if you are not feeling like yourself, you don’t enjoy things,you are abusing food, alcohol or drugs to deal with pain, if you have suffered a loss or trauma, or if you have been given a psychiatric diagnosis. Psychotherapy is also helpful for people who have extreme or unusual sensory experiences, sometimes described as mania, hearing voices or having visions.

Clinical supervision. Licensed and license-eligible psychologists or other mental health professionals who are seeking to enhance their clinical skills and expand their knowledge.

Wellness Coaching. Wellness coaching is useful if you are trying to achieve health and lifestyle goals to optimize your well-being. A health and wellness coach can help you identify your beliefs, values and habits to create an action plan to achieve your goals, while eliminating the roadblocks along the way. She will also help you celebrate your successes!

Consultation. Not sure what’s going on with you or what kind of help you might need? Do you have a family member or friend that you are concerned about ? Are you a mental health professional working with a difficult client and need a fresh perspective on the treatment? A consultation can help you identify key issues and formulate the next steps.

Forced Treatment Hearings. Are you or friend or family member being legally forced into accepting inpatient or outpatient treatment? Are you or someone you know currently in a locked facility and being forced to take medication against your will? After an initial free telephone consultation to assess your situation, I am available to provide clinical evaluation, written reports, and court testimony on your behalf. (NY & NJ only.)